Is the financial industry stripping away 30-50% of your investment returns?
Every investor has a T-REX Score™. What’s yours?

Determine your T-Rex Score

The T-REX Calculator allows you to determine T-REX Scores for an endless range of scenarios. So start with any scenario you wish. Make adjustments. See how your T-REX Score changes. You may be very surprised!

You Invest

Annual Return(%)

Annual Fees(%)

Time (years)

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Total Gain

Lost in Fees

Gain You Keep

Total Value

Your T-REX Score represents the percentage of your Total Gain you actually get to keep

  1. Total Gain: the total gain produced by your underlying investments before fees (based on continuous reinvestment of annual gains throughout).
  2. Lost in Fees: total amount lost in fees (fees paid plus the “drag” arising from the reduced rate of return).
  3. Gain You Keep: portion of total gain you actually keep.
  4. Total Value: your original investment plus the gain you keep.

What does my result mean?

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Mutual Fund Madness?

T-Rex Score of 28%?? WTF?! (Just to be clear, WTF? stands for What’s The Fee?) Short term changes in the value of bond mutual funds and ETFs are driven by day to day interest rate moves. But for long term bond fund investors, short term changes in market values don’t mean much. Two factors really […]

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Investing in RBC Mutual Funds?

With almost $23 billion in assets, RBC Select Conservative Portfolio is one of Canada’s largest mutual funds. To project how much of this fund’s total investment return you will keep and how much will be lost in fees, go to In the example below with annual fees of 1.84%, your T-Rex Score is 49%. […]

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Mutual Fund T-Rex Scores

RBC, Investors Group, Fidelity, TD, Manulife, etc. T-Rex Scores reveal how much of your investment return you actually get to keep and how much you lose in fees. What’s your Score? Each of us can determine our own T-Rex Score using simple assumptions that best match our circumstances.  But for purposes of making comparisons across different types of […]

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Reveals how your most dangerous adversary, the financial industry itself, convinces Canadians to give up a huge portion of their lifetime savings! And it’s perfectly legal. Learn how to turn the tables.

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Your Wealth Game Plan

How much do you need to live well in retirement? How much do you need to save today? The Wealth Game Planner provides the answers.

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Simple steps to confidently execute Your Wealth Game Plan in no more than a few hours annually.

Win The Wealth Game

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