Is the financial industry stripping away 30-50% of your investment returns?
Every investor has a T-REX Score™. What’s yours?

Determine your T-Rex Score

The T-REX Calculator allows you to determine T-REX Scores for an endless range of scenarios. So start with any scenario you wish. Make adjustments. See how your T-REX Score changes. You may be very surprised!

You Invest

Annual Return(%)

Annual Fees(%)

Time (years)

T-Rex Score: 0

Total Gain

Lost in Fees

Gain You Keep

Total Value

Your T-REX Score represents the percentage of your Total Gain you actually get to keep

  1. Total Gain: the total gain produced by your underlying investments before fees (based on continuous reinvestment of annual gains throughout).
  2. Lost in Fees: total amount lost in fees (fees paid plus the “drag” arising from the reduced rate of return).
  3. Gain You Keep: portion of total gain you actually keep.
  4. Total Value: your original investment plus the gain you keep.

What does my result mean?

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Mutual Fund Mystery

“The Misguided Beliefs of Financial Advisors”, a recently released study of two “anonymous” Canadian mutual fund dealers (over 4000 advisors, half a million clients) finds Canadian advisors recommend investments that underperform the market by 3% annually. No news here. The shocking revelation (to me at least) is that advisors personally invest the same way and […]

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It is easy to see why Canadians are increasingly investing through Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”). In fact, Canadian ETF sales were up over 50% in 2017 bringing total outstandings to almost $150 billion. But why do millions of Canadian investors continue to stick with expensive mutual funds?  Because they rely on advisors who are paid […]

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The Wealth Game Book | Coming in 2018

Seeking financial freedom? Make your savings grow. It’s easy when you know how.

This is The Wealth Game

Without realizing it, millions of Canadians are badly losing The Wealth Game, largely because they have no understanding of the rules or how to keep score. The Wealth Game translates the complex and baffling world of investing into a unique, simple approach which Canadians can both understand and easily employ to earn the investment returns they deserve. You just need to understand the basics to win!


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