Mutual Fund T-Rex Scores

RBC, Investors Group, Fidelity, TD, Manulife, etc.

T-Rex Scores reveal how much of your investment return you actually get to keep and how much you lose in fees.

What’s your Score?

Each of us can determine our own T-Rex Score using simple assumptions that best match our circumstances.  But for purposes of making comparisons across different types of investments we use consistent time frames (25 years) and rates of return (6.4% for stocks and 4% for bonds*) to produce “Standard T-Rex Scores”.

Canadians own $1.3 Trillion in mutual funds. According to The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, Canadians have greater confidence in mutual funds (86%) than other financial products such as GICs, bonds and stocks. But do mutual fund investors understand how much of their investment gains they actually get to keep?

Canadian Mutual Fund Standard T-Rex Scores

Selected Canadian Mutual Funds Size (billions) Type Standard T-Rex Score
RBC Select Conservative Portfolio $23.0 Balanced 49%
Investors Dividend C $16.3 Equity 38%
Fidelity Monthly Income Fund $13.2 Balanced 40%
TD Canadian Core Plus Bond $12.9 Bond 51%
Manulife Monthly High Income B $9.2 Balanced 43%
Scotia Canadian Dividend Fund A $7.8 Equity 57%
Sentry Canadian Income Fund A $5.7 Equity 46%
CI Signature Income & Growth A $4.73 Balanced 41%
Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity A $4.5 Equity 43%
BMO Dividend Fund A $4.2 Balanced 41%
Trimark Fund A $3.9 Equity 39%
Desjardins Enhanced Bond C $3.7 Bond 44%
National Bank Bond Fund $2.0 Bond 49%
Sun Life Granite Balanced A $1.7 Balanced 44%

Average T-Rex Score: 45%  

Average Lost to Fees: 55%

Do you invest in these or similar funds?

Are you are keeping your fair share of returns?

You have a choice. If you aren’t satisfied with your T-Rex Score, you can do something about it. Would increasing your T-Rex Score and keeping more of your investment returns be worth spending the short amount of time necessary to learn investment basics? Because basic investment knowledge is all you need to make better choices, achieve higher T-Rex Scores and enjoy increased financial freedom. It’s easy when you know how.

Check out the link below for a better understanding of T-Rex Math

T-Rex Math




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Standard T-Rex Scores are approximate.

Rates of return used to determine Standard T-Rex Scores are based on Financial Planning Standards Council’s (“FPSC”) current rate of return planning guidelines for Canadian stocks (6.4%) and bonds (4%).  These are planning guidelines only, not forecasts or predictions. Note that current Canadian bond fund yields are well below the 4% guideline. Standard T-Rex Rate of Return for Balanced Funds (mix of stocks and bonds) are based on a blend of the above returns based on each Fund’s stock/bond allocation.

Standard T-Rex Scores are based on fees (“Management Expense Ratios” “MERs”) reported by the fund sponsor as shown below. Investment providers may impose additional fees/costs on investors. Fees may change in future.

Many mutual funds like those listed above may transfer a portion of fees to your advisor who does not charge additional fees for advice. Other mutual funds, generally with lower fees, are sold through advisors which charge additional fees for advice. From your point of view, aggregate fees and resulting T-Rex Scores can be similar either way.

Source of Size, Type, Fee information Annual Rate* Annual Fee
RBC Select Conservative Portfolio Fund Facts Jan 25, 2017 5.01% 1.84%
Investors Dividend C Fund Facts Sept 26, 2016 6.40% 2.80%
Fidelity Monthly Income Fund Facts Oct 28, 2016 4.99% 2.28%
TD Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund Facts Nov 28, 2016 6.40% 1.50%
Manulife Monthly High Income B Fund Facts Aug 2, 2016 5.70% 2.31%
Scotia Canadian Dividend Fund A  Fund Facts Nov 14, 2016 6.40% 1.73%
Sentry Canadian Income Fund A Fund Facts Nov 29, 2016 6.40% 2.32%
CI Signature Income & Growth A Fund Facts Dec 31, 2016 5.48% 2.40%
Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity A Fund Facts Nov 30, 2016 6.40% 2.50%
BMO SelecTrust Balanced A Fund Facts April 19, 2016 5.54% 2.38%
Trimark Fund A Fund Facts Nov 7, 2016 6.40% 2.69%
Desjardins Enhanced Bond C Fund Facts Dec 31, 2016 4.00% 1.79%
National Bank Bond Fund Facts Dec 31, 2016 4.00% 1.59%
Sun Life Granite Balanced A Fund Facts Nov 30, 2016 5.54% 2.26%
*Based on FPSC guidelines as noted. Balanced fund blended rates based on approximate stock/bond allocations provided

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